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Retainer Agreements and Payment of Fees
Retaining an attorney is a contract between an attorney and a client.  
The lawyer has the responsibility to provide professional service,
and the client agrees to pay for that service, plus the costs and
expenses the case.

Powell Law Office uses a standard retainer agreement that is then
tailored to fit the client's needs.  The Agreement includes a
description of the type of service required, a detailed outline of what
the client is paying for, and in some cases, a payment plan.

Retainer fees accepted by Powell Law Office are held in an
attorney's trust account at a local bank which is separate from the
attorney's business and personal accounts.  Fees earned for
services completed are deducted from the retainer.  In the event that
your case is resolved before the retainer money runs out, you will
get a refund of any amounts that have not been used for fees, costs,
and expenses concerning your case.  If your case requires
additional funds during the course of your case, you will be
expected to keep a minimum balance in your retainer account to pay
for fees, costs and expenses that accrue as your case progresses.  

Powell Law Office has an "open door" billing policy.  Each month
when you receive your bill, you are invited to discuss any and all
charges that are of concern to you.  Your input is important to
assure quality legal service at a fair standard rate.  If there is ever
any problem with an amount or time charged for a particular item of
service, or any expense that is reported on your billing,  you will be
treated with professionalism and courtesy in discussing your bill.

There is no guaranteed way to estimate what a case will ultimately
cost, except in broad generalities.  Lawyers on the other side of your
case  generate billable hours for their own client's cause, and in so
doing, require that your lawyer will have to respond to their
pleadings and letters to effectively manage your case to your best
advantage.  It is bad business to represent to the client the
"chances" of winning.  The best way for you and your lawyer to
judge the merits of your case is by assessing the quality of evidence
that you have available to you.  Good communication between the
lawyer and her client is crucial.  Every case deserves an honest and
thorough discussion of what you want to accomplish in your
lawsuit, and what facts and law you have that will bring you to the
result you wish to gain.  

I rely primarily on word-of-mouth for new clients.  It is extremely
important to me that you receive the best legal advice available, that
you feel comfortable talking to me about your case and the results
you expect, and that when your case is concluded, that you have a
good opinion to share with others about your experience with me.

Together, we can find the best solution to your legal problems, and
that is my pledge to you as an attorney.

                                                                     Joan Powell
Payment amount for this button:  $2500
Bankruptycy retainer:  $2300.00
This includes all attorney fees, qualification assessment, filing fees, required credit
counseling, and costs for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  
Payment amount for this button:  $1060
NOTICE:  Sales tax will be added to these
amounts when you check out through